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Research table

This page details all the research carried out by members and others since the society formed in 1987.

Other resources on the website which can be used for research are

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The documents below are either pdfs in an embedded web page, or which can be downloaded for offline viewing.

There are also links to other areas of the website.

Research TypeDescriptionLink to page with embedded PDF viewerDirect link to PDFAuthor
MagazinesThe first 61 magaines are on the Magazines page, and this pdf is a low quality version of all issues combined to allow references to be searched Magazines Issues 1-611-61Members of the society and others . PDF created by John Leyland
Date of Build RegisterDate of build of many houses and buildingsDate of Build RegisterDate of build register 2023 ver 19Keith Burroughs
StreetsHistory of occupants of streets in the area
RamsbottomBolton Road West Odd 1 to 475 ; Bolton Street ; Bridge Street; Buchanan Street ; Callender Street ; Carr Street ; Cemetery Road ; Crow Lane ; Dundee Lane ; Geoffrey Street; Ramsbottom Lane ; Regent Street ; Return Street ; Rostron Road ; Scotland Place ; Smithy Street ; St Pauls Street ; Union Street ; Verna StreetRamsbottom StreetsRamsbottomKeith Burroughs
EdenfieldCoach and Horses ; Edenfield Brewery ; Edenfield Streets and Buildings ; Horse and Jockey ; Horseshoe and Quarryman Inns ; Market Place ; Market Street ; Pack Horse ; Rostron Arms ; Volunteer Inn and Bird in the HandEdenfield Streets and BuildingsEdenfield Streets and BuildingsKeith Burroughs
Holcombe BrookHolcombe Brook Road
Holcombe Brook
Lower Redisher Farm
Park Road
Pot Green Workhouse
Pot Green
Redisher Farms
Woodhey Road
Holcombe BrookHolcombe BrookKeith Burroughs
Holcombe VillageAlba Street
Emmanuel Church Clock & Church
Cross Lane
Moor Road
Peel Tower
Shoulder of Mutton
Holcombe VillageHolcombe VillageKeith Burroughs
Stubbinsincludes Chatterton and Strongstry

Dale Street ; East View
Greenmount ; Stubbins Street
Stubbins Vale House, Mill and Terrace
The Cliffe

Chatterton Road

Buckden Cottage, Strongstry Road
North View ; West View
Stubbins, Chatterton and StrongstryStubbinsKeith Burroughs
Shuttleworthinludes TurnShuttleworth and TurnShuttleworth and TurnKeith Burroughs
SummerseatBeech Street ; Brooksbottom Mill Hoyle ; East View ; Garden Street ; Goods Shed Summerseat; Hamer Terrace ; Higher Summerseat ; Holly Street ; India Street ; Plantation View ; Queens Place ; Railway Street ; Robin Road ; Summerseat House ; Summerseat Railway Station ; Thorn Street ; Waterside RoadSummerseatSummerseatKeith Burroughs
Edenfield Churches, Pubs and ShopsPosters including images

Edenfield Primitive Methodist Church,
Wesleyan Methodist
Rostron Arms
Market Place
Market Street
Volunteer Inn & Bird in Hand
Horse & Jockey Inn
Edenfield Parish Church

Edenfield Churches, Pubs and ShopsEdenfield Churches, Pubs & Shops 2020Keith Burroughs
Older ResearchThis section has research since 2000 using the original websitesoriginal web pages
German Zepplelin Raid on RamsbottomThe night of September 25th 1916 was clear and bright with stars. Suddenly there was a boom, boom, boom coming gradually nearer; bright flashes turned night into day. It was a German Zeppelin carrying a deadly load of bombsZeppelin Raid
Dickens and RamsbottomAs part of the 25th Anniversary exhibition in 2012, members of the Heritage Society researched the relationship between Dickens and Ramsbottom, and whether the Cherryble Brothers were based on the Grant Brothers.Dickens
Kibboth CrewThe dig took place for 3 weeks in April and May 2007.
49 volunteers were supervised by The University of Manchester Archaeology Unit
Kibboth Crew – IntroductionKate Slingsby
Crow Lane ProjectThe Crow Lane Project was set up in January 2003 by members of the Ramsbottom Heritage Society to research the history of the houses and other buildings and people of Crow Lane, Ramsbottom, Lancashire, England.Kate Slingsby
Photographing Scout MoorIn 2004 and 2005 members were encouraged to photograph Scout Moor before the wind turbines were built
Heritage Gallery ArchiveThe Heritage Gallery has copies of some of the articles in Bury ArchivesResearch