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Updated 13th June

Note that if you order a book through the online shop, it may take a week to be delivered due to holidays. If possible, buy the books from Hearts for Homes on Bridge Street

A new booklet Local Heritage Trails Volume 2

This ia a 40 page booklet with 3 local walks around Ramsbottom and Stubbins, and is available from the online shop, and from local outlets such as Hearts for Homes and Memories, both on Bridge Street.

Membership Renewal

Membership runs from April to March and currently costs £8 a year, with a reduction for joiners throughout the year.  Members receive a twice yearly News Magazine, back copies are available for viewing here

Renewals are now due for existing members and a form was sent with the latest News Magazine




The Ramsbottom Heritage Society have a Project Forum of members who do research, to collate the research and make it available via

the research pages of this website

searchable version of the News Magazines Issues 1-62


selling books and booklets on our online shop

YouTube videos



The Ramsbottom Heritage Society is a registered charity which promotes the history of Ramsbottom, as well as recording the present through photographs. See About for further information.

We have public meetings at Christ Church Neigbourhood Centre, Great Eaves Road, once a month. The programme for 2024 is available here

Research  We research the history of Ramsbottom and make the information available through the research section of this website,  on Facebook, or through books and the News Magazines

Bury Archives

The Society has a varied collection of over 6000 documents and 2000 photographs which are fully catalogued and packaged in archive-quality materials. Most of these documents and photographs are held at Bury Archives, where they can be viewed. The opening hours at the Archives which are on the bottom floor of Bury Library/Art Gallery are now Tuesday-Friday 10 - 3.30 p.m. and Saturday 10 - 1 p.m.

The online Catalogue can be found at  All of our documents are prefixed RHS

 Magazines  The Heritage Society produces a News Magazine twice a year with local news and research articles. The first 62 issues from 1990 - 2022 are available as PDFs

Oral Taping  Over 80 recordings of memories of Ramsbottom residents recorded between 1988 and 2011.

Photograph Archive  of over 8, 500 photographs, including 6,000 photos taken since 1987 as part of the Annual Photographic competition that recorded Ramsbottom in that year.  The competition is no longer running, but photographs are always welcome. To get a description of how to use the Photographic Database click here

Paintings  A gallery of the paintings, posters and photographs which have been  donated to, or bought by the Heritage Society, most of which were displayed at the exhibition on the 5th and 6th October 2019

Maps of Ramsbottom   Over 100 maps, plans and drawings in the possession of the Ramsbottom Heritage Society are now available in PDF format for viewing

We also have an active conservation group who meet regularly to review planning applications and their impact on the conservation of Ramsbottom.

Online shop selling publications produced by the Heritage Society, as well as publications produced by local authors



There is an exhibition in the Heritage Gallery to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III, entitled 10 Monarchs, 8 Coronations. The exhibition is on the top floor of Ramsbottom Library, and thus is open whenever the library is open. The exhibition will run until Summer 2024 and then will be replaced by an exhibition promoting the Heritage Society's achievements and research.

There is a booklet to accompany the exhibition, available from the Heritage Gallery  or Hearts for Homes on Bridge Street, or via our online shop. The cost is £2 .