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A number of members are active in researching the History of Ramsbottom, and much of the research is in one of the News Magazines

Here are some of the other articles written by members

Bridge Street Shops - even numbers  viewable page by page

Bridge Street Shops - odd numbers

You can also download the PDFs    -

Even No shops Bridge St 2020

Odd No shops Bridge St 2020

Date of build register Ramsbottom 2021 version 16

A register of buildings in Ramsbottom - last updated March 2022

Carr Street  history

German Zeppelin raid on Ramsbottom

Dickens and Ramsbottom

Previous Projects

These are the projects that the Heritage Society has been involved in

The website pages are the original pages and have not been copied to the new design


Kibboth Crew 

The dig took place for 3 weeks in April and May 2007.

49 volunteers were supervised by The University of Manchester Archaeology Unit


Heritage Day 2006

This was held on Sunday 5th March 2006 at Ramsbottom Civic Hall, and had 3 main objectives

1)    To celebrate 200 years of the arrival of the Grant brothers to Ramsbottom

2)    To promote the Ramsbottom Video which the Heritage Society has produced

3)    To promote the work of the Ramsbottom Heritage Society


Photographing Scout Moor 

In 2004 and 2005 members were encouraged to photograph Scout Moor before the wind turbines were built


Crow Lane Project

The Crow Lane Project was set up in January 2003 by members of the Ramsbottom Heritage Society to research the history of the houses and other buildings and people of Crow Lane, Ramsbottom, Lancashire, England.


The Ramsbottom Millennium Festival held in June 2000 was promoted by the Heritage Society and was a great success with many events organised over the week

Mrs. Dorothy Moss, the Chairman of the Ramsbottom Heritage Society has the following resume of the week's events

"The great Ramsbottom Millennium festival of 17th to 24th June 2000 has come and gone, leaving many happy memories of a truly wonderful week, when townspeople and visitors were welcomed to the event, which took twelve months of planning and organising, culminating in a highly enjoyable week of fun and interest, aimed to please all ages and interests.

Sincere thanks are due to members and friends for their considerable help to the project and also to local companies and traders for their assistance. It has been most gratifying to find that the society's work is well recognised and supported by such a spectrum of local business, organisations, churches and schools.

We feel that the profile of the town and the society has been raised ( we welcome new members, contact Brian on 01706 828705). The friendship and kindness shown to us during the long planning period has been overwhelming and was much welcomed by co-ordinator Linda de Ruijter. No prize is too high for all her hard work and dedication.

A  valued grant from 'Millennium Festival Awards for all' gave us the financial base for the project and extra funding from the Ramsbottom Area Board enabled us to take plans a stage further. Subsequent enthusiasm from all concerned has helped to turn the dream into a reality.

Young people from schools, dance and drama groups took part in an open air concert hosted by BBC TV North West News presenter Martin Henfield, who rode into town in the silver Morris seen in his recent 'Out and About' leisure series on BBC 2. He was a great hit on the day and added lustre to the day, which included a cherished vehicle show and was attended by the deputy major of Bury, a Town Crier, Tottington Town Band played in the Memorial Gardens and special events were put on at the Station by the East Lancs Railway. The town was en-fete with bunting, and a flower display in market Place, plus one of the local churches held a Flower Festival"





Gallery Archive Collection

The Archive Gallery Collection consists of books, documents and other items that are duplicates of items stored in the Heritage Society Archive in Bury. They are kept at the Gallery in Ramsbottom Library.

Items in the Collection can be viewed in the Gallery on the second Sunday of the month from 12-3pm. Please ask the Heritage Society volunteer to find the item you require.

Items can be viewed by anyone but may only be taken away with the agreement of the Archive Team. For permission to remove an item please contact us via email

Item no.BoxExtentTitleAuthorDateDescriptionRHS Bury Archives No.
RHS/GC/1/1Box 1
RHS/GC/1/2Box 11 bookThe Country and Church of the Cheeryble BrothersRev. William Hume Elliot1893History of the Grant family with particular reference to theÿÿproblems at St Andrew's ChurchRHS/8/7/17
RHS/GC/1/3Box 11 bookletPorritt & Spencern.d.150 years of the firmRHS/22/1/16/7
RHS/GC/1/4Box 11 small bookRoger Worthington: one of the heroes of faithRev. W.T. Kershaw1909Biography written tor the commemoration ofÿÿbicentenary of Roger Worthington's death for the Baptist Church, RamsbottomRHS/9/3/1/7ÿ
RHS/GC/1/5Box 11 small bookThe Diary of Richard BarlowRichard Barlowc1929Memories ofÿÿhis life as a postman between 1882-1925RHS/9/3/1/2
RHS/GC/1/6Box 11 small bookThe Parish Church of St. John-in-the-Wilderness, ShuttleworthWilfred BeswickIts history, incumbents and other items of historical interest in and around the parish of Shuttleworth
RHS/GC/1/7Box 11 bookTurnbull & Stockdale Ltd, Rosebank Print Works, Ramsbottom:1881 to 1931UnknownHistory of the firm. Book produced to mark their Jubilee YearRHS/2/1/12/14
RHS/GC/1/8Box 112 sheetsThe Stubbins Vale StoryJohn Simpsonn.d.Tells the story of Stubbins Vale fromÿÿpre 1300s to 1979RHS/22/8
RHS/GC1/9Box 115 sheetsExtract from the History of Park ChapelRev. W.E. Harding1931Chapter VIII, covering theÿÿHistory of the Chapel 1828-1903RGHS/6/2/1/3
RHS/GC/1/10Box 11ÿÿlarge bookletHistory Notebook of Edenfield Church and School1989Advent booklet collated by Lynne Longworth on the history of the ChurchRHS/6/1/4/3
RHS/GC/1/11Box 19 sheetsThe Diary of Richard Kay, 1716-51: a Lancashire DoctorÿEdited by Dr. W. Brockbank and Rev. F. Kenworthy1968Photocopy of the DiaryRHS/22/15
RHS/GC/1/12Box 11 bookNotes on HolcombeRev. H.Dowsett1901Photocopy. History of the village, chapel and moorRHS/8/5/1/1
RHS/GC/1/13Box 11 bookExtracts from The Country of the Cheeryble BrothersRev.W. Hume Elliot1893Photocopy extracts on area, Nuttall Village, Holcombe Village, etcRHS/8/7/2
RHS/GC/1/14Box 11 bookletMemories of Nuttall VillageK. McCarthy1992Memories of village lifeRHS/6/1/1
RHS/GC/1/15Box 11 bookletRoutes: a guide to family history in the Bury AreaBury Ref. and Information Services1998Tel. no and services to aid researchnil
RHS/GC/1/16Box 12 sheetsSt Phillips Church Stubbinsunknownn.d.Brief history of the Churchnil
RHS/GC/1/17Box 119 sheetsMemoirs of Richard Chew - extractsEdward Boaden1896Rev. Chew was a native of Ramsbottom but moved around England and was buried in Lincoln. These extracts, taken from book in our Archives, are about his early years in Ramsbottom.ÿRHS/22/19
RHS/GC/1/18Box 21 bookÿ'Lancashire Lives': Book TwoBenita Moore1991The lives and times of some interesting Lancashire Folk: Book 2- RossendaleRHS/22/10
RHS/GC/1/19Box 21 bookHolcombe Long AgoRev H Dowsett1902Information on HolcombeRHS/22/6ÿ
RHS/GC/1/20Box 21 bookletHistory of the Borough of Bury and NeighbourhoodB.T. Barton1973Includes information on RamsbottomRHS/22/2/14
RHS/GC/1/21Box 21 bookletTrade Directory Reprints 1818-1888A. Todd1986Trade Directory Reprints 1818-1888 for Ramsbottom, Edenfield, Holcombe, Tottington, Walmersley and Shuttleworth with contemporary 6" Ordnance Survey maps.RHS/8/7/2/1
RHS/GC/1/22Box 21 bookletShuttleworthÿÿ- up the croftJohn Greenhalghn.d.History of ShuttleworthRHS/8/8/1/1
RHS/GC/1/23Box 21 bookThe Kenyon TraditionAugustus Muir1964The history of James Kenyon & Son, Ltd 1664-1964RHS/2/8/6/13
RHS/GC/1/24Box 21 bookOpen and SeeFlorence Fullardc1988Her life in Summerseat and Ramsbottom and local history events in various towns around the areaRHS/22/39
RHS/GC/1/25Box 21 mapOld Ordinance Survey Map of Tottington 1908The Godfrey Edition
RHS/GC/1/26Box 21 bookletLancashire's Early Industrial HeritageJ. Chapmann.d.Tells the story of the industrial revolution between 1750-1850 within the present boundaries of the County of Lancashire
RHS/GC/1/27Box 21 bookletLife in the Lancashire Mill TownsW.R.Mitchelll1982Based on his 'Lancashire Mill Towns Traditions' -ÿÿit depicts life in the early c19
RHS/GC/1/28Box 21 bookEdenfieldJohn Simpson1990Life in a Lancashire village c1500-c.1770RHS/8/3/1/1
RHS/GC/1/29Box 21 bookletRamsbottom in the 1920sK.McCarthy1992A walk around the town, detailing houses and shopsRHS/8/7/1/6
RHS/GC/1/30Box 21 bookletÿManufactory, Methodism, and the making of a village - Summerseat 1700-1988Jean Price1989RHS/8/9/1/1
RHS/GC/1/31Box 21 bookletÿ1846 Before and AfterRev. R.J.Dobbs1970A historical guide to the ancient Parish of BuryRHS/22/16
RHS/GC/1/32Box 21 bookletRecollections: Ramsbottom MemoriesNorth West Sound Archivesn.d.ÿMemories entitledÿÿliving working and leisure in and around RamsbottomRHS/22/36
RHS/GC/1/33Box 21 bookletPace-Egging in Bury and BeyondAlan J Seymour1994A look at an old Lancashire customRHS/22/34
RHS/GC/1/34Box 21 bookletThe Forgotten Valley: CheesdenA.V.Sandiford and T.E.Ashworth1992A copy of the 7th reprint. Ist edition was in 1981. It details the history of the clough and its millsRHS/22/32
RHS/GC/1/35Box 21 bookletÿGreenmount through the yearscompiled by Ken Raven1994Chronology of events 1821-1994RHS/8/4/1/2
RHS/GC/1/36Box 291 pagesI remember'- some notes on old BurySenex' (Fred Howarth)1917A copy of a book about old Bury with illustrations of old residents and places and additional noters by various contibutorsRHS/8/2/1/6
RHS/GC/1/37Box 21 bookRiot!ÿWilliam Turner1992The story of the East Lancashire Loom-Breakers in 1826RHS/22/46
RHS/GC/2/1Box 31 pamphletJubilee Celebrations :Wesleyan Methodist Church and School, RamsbottomCongregation01-Oct-24Outlines celebration event and gives a history of Wesleyan Methodism in Ramsbottom illustrated with photographs. Second copy is signed by George Ashworth, one of the authors, and has extra names of ministers added.RHS/6/3/6/4
RHS/GC/2/2Box 31 brochureOpeningÿÿof Nuttall Hall and Nuttall ParkRamsbottom Urban District Council21-Jul-28Details of the event with photographs of the ParkRHS/14//4/112
RHS/GC/2/3Box 31 brochureWar Weapons WeekWar Weapons Week CommitteeApr-41Details of the events, including procession.ÿRHS/2/2/9
RHS/GC/2/4Box 31 brochureCentenary 1848-1948: St John in the Wildernesscongregation09-May-48Photocopy of a Souvenir Brochure with brief history of the Church.ÿRHS/6/1/6/3
RHS/GC/2/5Box 31 Brochure of 8 small sheetsHolidays at HomeRamsbottom Urban District Council10-Aug-42Photocopy of the programme of events and attractions in Nuttall ParkRHS/15/2/2/7
RHS/GC/2/6Box 31 handbookFestival Year RamsbottomRamsbottom Festival of Britain Committee1951Outlines events: many advertsRHS/14/4/14ÿ
RHS/GC/2/7Box 31 handbookCoronation Year Official Programme of CelebrationsRamsbottom Urban District Council1953Outlines events: many advertsRHS/14/4/6
RHS/GC/2/8Box 32ÿÿduplicate bookletsCentenary Celebrations: The Methodist Church Ramsbottom 1874-1974George Ashworth1974Order of Services and a short history of the second 50 years 1924-1974. The first Wesleyan Methodist Church was opening in July 1825 and this Church in 1874RHS/6/3/6/3
RHS/GC/2/9Box 31 leafletCivic Service : Local Government re-organisationRamsbottom Urban District Council31-Mar-74Order of Service for Civic Service held at Edenfield Parish Church, Ramsbottom. Ramsbottom Urban District Council existed 1894-1974RHS/7/1/4
RHS/GC/2/10Box 31 bookletJubilee Market to commemorate the Queen's Silver JubileePeel Lion Club05-Jun-77Outline of eventsRHS/3/8/1
RHS/GC/2/11Box 3Holcombe Brook Methodist Church: The people and the buildings: 1885-1985A brief historyRHS/6/3/1/3
RHS/GC/2/12Box 31 bookletAn Introduction to Ramsbottom:East Lancashire Railway25-Jul-87Brief history written by Andrew Todd and information on local societies and facilities. Produced to mark the re-opening of the line.RHS/16/3/2/5
RHS/GC/2/13Box 31 brochureNuttall Extravaganza: celebrating 80 yearsFriends of Nuttall Park12-Jul-08Brief History of the Park and details of eventsRHS/14/4/17
RHS/GC/2/14Box 31 bookletSt. Joseph's Catholic Church, Ramsbottom: History of the Parish 1862-1962unknown1963History of the Church with photographs and advertsRHS/6/6/1
RHS/GC/2/15Box 31 bookletRamsbottom Clean Air HandbookRamsbottom Urban District Council01-Dec-68Introduction of smokeless zones- advice etc
RHS/GC/2/16Box 31 bookletRamsbottom: the Official guide:ÿÿcircaÿÿ1948Ramsbottom Urban District Council1948Information on Ramsbottom
RHS/GC/2/17Box 31 bookletÿRamsbottom: the Official guide:ÿÿcircaÿÿ1970Ramsbottom Urban District Council1970Information on Ramsbottom
RHS/GC/2/18Box 31 sheetSt Philip's Church, Stubbinsn.d.Information on the Church and its hall? RHS/6/1/5/4
RHS/GC/2/19Box 31 leafletOld Ordnance Survey Maps: winter catalogue 1993-4: The Godfrey Edition1994List of maps available from Alan Godfrey Maps, Newcastlenil
RHS/GC/2/20Box 31 bookletRamsbottom: the Official GuideRamsbottom Urban District Council1957Information on RamsbottomRHS/8/7/1/1
RHS/GC/2/21Box 31 bookletRamsbottom: the Official GuideRamsbottom Urban District Council1958Information on RamsbottomRHS/8/7/1/1
RHS/GC/2/22Box 31 bookletRamsbottom: the Official GuideRamsbottom Urban District Council1948Information on RamsbottomRHS/8/7/1/2
RHS/GC/2/23Box 31 bookletTransport Department: Golden Jubilee 1913-1963Ramsbottom Urban District Council1963Brief history of this departmentRHS/16/2/2/8
RHS/GC/2/24Box 32 identical brochuresEast Lancashire RailwayEast Lancashire Railway1987RHS/16/3/2/29
RHS/GC/2/25Box 31 newspaperE.L.R. Steam BackBury Times25-Jul-87Commemoration EditionÿRHS/16/3/2/8
RHS/GC/2/26Box 31 booklet56 Years of Municipal Passenger Transport Operation:1913-1969Ramsbottom Urban District CouncilRHS/16/2/2/2
RHS/GC/2/27Box 310 sheetsSt John in the Wilderness Centenary 1848-1948St John in the Wilderness1948Photocopy - Souvenir HandbookRHS/6/1/6/3
RHS/GC/2/28Box 312 bookletsOld Recipe Booksc1940
RHS/GC/2/29Box 31 bookletAn introduction to Ramsbottom: East Lancashire Railway. Opening of the line 25th July 1987E.L.RailwayA guide to RamsbottomÿRHS/16/3/2/5
RHS/GC/2/30Box 31 bookletBury Official Street Plann.d.Includes Radcliffe, Prestwich Tottington, Ramsbottom, Bury, WhitefieldNot thought appropriate for Archives
RHS/GC/2/31Box 31 bookletRamsbottom and District. A History in StoneRobert S Howarth1986First published 1986
RHS/GC/2/32Box 3Spare
RHS/GC/2/33Box 38 sheetsVioth Fabrics Stubbins Ltd (formerly Scapa Forming PMC)01-Jun-97A brief history from 1825-2000. Development of J&J Porritt, Dearden Clough to Stubbins ValeRHS/2/1/16/5
RHS/GC/2/34Box 31 bookletSt Andrew's Church Souvenir and Referenceÿ1957This also has pages of shop advertsRHS/6/1/2/6
RHS/GC/3/1Box 41 bookAround RamsbottomRHS1995Pictures and captions. Part of the Archive Photograph servicesRHS/1/3/2/3
RHS/GC/3/2Box 4NewspapersRamsbottom War NewsRHSSeries of papers for each year of WW2 with taken items from the Ramsbottom Observer and RHS Archives
RHS/GC/3/2/1Box 41 newspaperRamsbottom War News: Life in Ramsbottom during WW2ÿÿIssue 1:1939RHS2010First in a series - one paper for each year 1939-1945RHS/15/2/5/3
RHS/GC/3/2/2Box 41 newspaperRamsbottom War News: Life in Ramsbottom during WW2ÿÿIssue2:1940RHS2011Second in a series - one paper for each year 1939-1945RHS/15/2/5/
RHS/GC/3/2/3Box 41 newspaperRamsbottom War News: Life in Ramsbottom during WW2ÿÿIssue3:1941RHS2012Third in a series- one paper for each year 1939-1945RHS/15/2/5/
RHS/GC/3/3Box 41 bookletNuttall Park and the Porritt Legacy to RamsbottomRHS2008Produced to celebrate 80 years of the park being donated to the people of Ramsbottom by Lt-Col Porritt: it provides information, with photographs, on Nuttall Hall and Park, and Lt-Col PorrittRHS/14/1/1
RHS/GC/3/4RAMBOTTOM HERITAGE SOCIETY NEWS MAGAZINESThese are produced twice a year and include news of the Society's activities and articles on local history.RHS/1/3/1
RHS/GC/3/4/1Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:1 June 1990RHS1990RHS/1/3/1/2
RHS/GC/3/4/2Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:2 Winter 1990/Spring 1991RHS1991RHS/1/3/1/3
RHS/GC/3/4/3Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:3 Summer 1991RHS1991RHS/1/3/1/4
RHS/GC/3/4/4Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:4 Winter/Spring 1992RHS1992RHS/1/3/1/5
RHS/GC/3/4/5Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:5 Summer 1992RHS1992RHS/1/3/1/6
RHS/GC/3/4/6Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:6 Winter 1992/93RHS1993RHS/1/3/1/7
RHS/GC/3/4/7Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:7 Summer 1993RHS1993RHS/1/3/1/8
RHS/GC/3/4/8Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:8 Winter 1993RHS1993RHS/1/3/1/9
RHS/GC/3/4/9Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:9 Summer 1994RHS1994RHS/1/3/1/10
RHS/GC/3/4/10Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:10 Winter 1994/1995RHS1995RHS/1/3/1/11
RHS/GC/3/4/11Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:11 Summer 1995RHS1995RHS/1/3/1/12
RHS/GC/3/4/12Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:12 Winter 1995/6RHS1996RHS/1/3/1/13
RHS/GC/3/4/13Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:13 Summer 1996RHS1996RHS/1/3/1/14
RHS/GC/3/4/14Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No14 Spring:RHS1997RHS/1/3/1/15
RHS/GC/3/4/15Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:15 AutumnRHS1997RHS/1/3/1/16
RHS/GC/3/4/16Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:16 SpringRHS1998RHS/1/3/1/17
RHS/GC/3/4/17Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:17 AutumnRHS1998RHS/1/3/1/18
RHS/GC/3/4/18Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:18 SpringRHS1999RHS/1/3/1/19
RHS/GC/3/4/19Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:19 SpringRHS2000RHS/1/3/1/20
RHS/GC/3/4/20Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:20 AutumnRHS2000RHS/1/3/1/21
RHS/GC/3/4/21Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:21 SpringRHS2001RHS/1/3/1/22
RHS/GC/3/4/22Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:22 AutumnRHS2001RHS/1/3/1/23
RHS/GC/3/4/23Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:23 SpringRHS2002RHS/1/3/1/24
RHS/GC/3/4/24Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:24 Spring/SummerRHS2003RHS/1/3/1/25
RHS/GC/3/4/25Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:25 Autumn/WinterRHS2003Articles on P McDouall, Charles Dickens and the Grants; Crow Lane Project; Pebble Beach and Twelve Row, Stubbins Lane; Hazlehurst School Methodism in HawkshawRHS/1/3/1/26
RHS/GC/3/4/26Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:26 SpringRHS2004Articles on J&H Hinchliffe-the coaches; Buses 1913-1969; St Joseph's Church between the Wars; Irwell Bridge Mill; Memories of Crow LaneRHS/1/3/1/27
RHS/GC/3/4/27Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:27 WinterRHS2004Articles on St. Paul's School; Kenyon Street; Ramsbottom Mill; D-Day 60th Anniversary; Hazlehurst School; J&H Hinchliffe Ltd. and familyRHS/1/3/1/28
RHS/GC/3/4/28Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:28 SpringRHS2005Articles onÿÿKen Rose shoe shop, 64, Bridge Street; Daniel Grant' review of 'The Kirk at Ramsbottom by Rev CarmyllieRHS/1/3/1/29
RHS/GC/3/4/29Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:29 WinterRHS2005Articles on various people's memories of life in Ramsbottom during WW2RHS/1/3/1/30
RHS/GC/3/4/30Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:30 SpringRHS2006Articles onÿÿKen Rose shoe shop, 64, Bridge Street; Daniel Grant;' review of 'The Kirk at Ramsbottom by Rev CarmyllieRHS/1/3/1/31
RHS/GC/3/4/31Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:31 AutumnRHS2006Articles on Bolton Road West;Cormar Carpets; F.D.Sims; E.R.P. sign on Rostrons Road; Bury Archives; Ramsbottom Heritage Centre are-opens; Inscriptions from the CemeteryRHS/1/3/1/32
RHS/GC/3/4/32Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:32 SpringRHS2007Articles on 'Time Capsule'; Libraries and Adult Education; RHS info; Blue plague to P.M. McDouall; Radical Ramsbottom; Runaway trains; R&T Blind Persons Welfare 1961-1994RHS/1/3/1/33
RHS/GC/3/4/33Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:33 AutumnRHS2007Articles on Kibboth Crew Archaeological dig; Floods in Ramsbottom; Lancs. County Library Ramsbottom Branch, 2 Market Place William Grant 1733-1817; 'Our Boys' by J.ÿÿAli; Mineral water ManufacturersRHS/1/3/1/34
RHS/GC/3/4/34Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:34 SpringRHS2008Articles on 'Our Boys by J Ali ;Col.A.T. Porritt; Water Powered illustrations; Extreme weather/floods 1936 and 1947; goits and watercourses in Nuttall; William Grant, Snr, at the Battle of CullodenRHS/1/3/1/35
RHS/GC/3/4/35Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:35 AutumnRHS2008Articles on Floods 1936; F.D. Sims; Stubbins Lane Mill; Nuttall Park/Porritts legacy; Plaque and stone in Nuttall Park; Major J.W.S. Grant; Scout Moor Quarry; Holcombe Moor FarmsRHS/1/3/1/36
RHS/GC/3/4/36Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:36 SpringRHS2009Articles on James D Wright steeplejack; Shepherds; History of site of Aldi Supermarket; Civic Hall; Old traditions like ' Humpty Dumpty; G.F. Markland, photographer; Metcalfe BrosRHS/1/3/1/37
RHS/GC/3/4/37Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:37 AutumnRHS2009Articles on Harden Moor; Peel Tower/Top o'th'Hill; Dr Rhodes Boyson; Shaw's Grocer's, Bridge Street; RUDC1972-3; Gollinrod Farm; Map of '2 Towers walk' by John B TaylorRHS/1/3/1/38
RHS/GC/3/4/38Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:38 SpringRHS2010Articles on Kibboth Crew; recollections of Mary Newborne; John Wood (engineering); Design and Technology; Gas Street LightingRHS/1/3/1/39
RHS/GC/3/4/39Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:39 Autumn/WinterRHS2010Articles on Holcombe Moor Training Area; Archives; Whitelow Hill; Park Cottage; John B TaylorRHS/1/3/1/40
RHS//GC/3/4/40Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:40 SpringRHS2011Articles on Block printing; John Gray; Elizabeth Gray; Capt. Richard Porritt; Growing up in Ramsbottom in 1920s-30sRHS/1/3/1/41
RHS/GC/3/4/41Box 41 magazineRamsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine No:41 AutumnRHS2011Articles onÿÿKibboth Crew; water powered textile mills ;fabric printing; New Jerusalem Church; Plantation House; Land Army girl; Mango OrchardRHS/1/3/1/42
RHS/GC/3/5Box 47 pamphletsRamsbottom's Duck TrailRHSn.d.With map of the trail
RHS/GC/3/6Box 41 bookletRamsbottom ReminiscencesRHS1992Recollections of the earlier century (c20) by J Spencer, N Kay, N Nuttall, Anon, SM Slater, D. Hibbert, Alice, Anon, F Entwistle, M. Isherwood, A Isherwood, E Ashworth nee Hall, T SwindlehurstRHS/1/3/2/4
RHS/GC/3/7Box 41 bookletOrigins of the health service in Bury and Ramsbottom: Part 1Barbara Palmer for RHS1989Faith Hope and Medicine in the 18th and 19th CenturiesRHS/11/3/5
RHS/GC/3/8Box 41 bookletNineteenth Century RamsbottomRHS - extract from book by Rev. Hume Elliot2001Extract from 'The Country and Church of the Cheeryble BrothersRHS/1/3/2/1
RHS/GC/3/9Box 41 bookletRamsbottom Millennium Festival 17-24 June 2000 souvenir programmeRHSDetails of the festival which was sponsored by RHS and the Co-opRHS/1/3/2/2
RHS/GC/3/10Box 41 bookletRamsbottom Reminiscences: Vol.2RHS1996More memories from D Moss, G White, B Roberts, HH Duckworth,BE Ford, E. Ashworth nee Hall, FA Hanson, M Ferguson nee Shore.RHS/1/3/2/5
RHS/GC/3/11Box 41 notebookRamsbottom Heritage Centre -ÿÿVisitors bookRHS21-Feb-1990-30-May-1992Names of people who visited the Heritage Centre on Carr StreetNo room to go in our Archives - April 2013
RHS/GC/3/12Box 41 notebookRamsbottom Heritage Centre -ÿÿVisitors bookRHS31-May-1992-23-Jul-1995Names of people who visited the Heritage Centre on Carr StreetNo room to goÿÿin our Archives- April 2013
RHS/GC/4CD and DVDsCDs and DVDs on various topics
RHS/GC/4/1Box 41 CDWilliam Kirkman lettersCould be the same material as we have in the archivespos.RHS/9/3/1/9/22
RHS/GC/4/2Box 41 CDStubbins Congregational ChurchVarious events
RHS/GC/5/1Box 41 photoNicklson's bread vann.d.RHS/21/3/3/2
RHS/GC/5/2Box 41 photoCarr StreetRHS/21/17/5/72
RHS/GC/6/1Box 493 sheetsMondi Paper Mill1911-1939Copies of the company's annual reports from the 15th to 43rd yearDuplicates to be found in Bury Council Archives
RHS/GC/7/1Box 42 sheetsBoundaries of Ramsbottom Urban DistrictÿPrior to boundaries changes in the 1970s