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Over 100 maps, plans and drawings in the possession of the Ramsbottom Heritage Society are now available in PDF format for viewing

Click here for a Guide to the Maps

Guide to using the Archive
The archive uses the numbering system of Bury Archives Service
All numbers begin with RHS for Ramsbottom Heritage Society, followed by 20 for maps and plans.

Click on the links for a table of each map type

15 maps before 1900 (mainly OS)

maps after 1900 (mainly OS)

8   Maps pre 1920 and 6   Maps from 1927 - 1928

24 Maps from 1929 and 1930

19  Maps from 1937 onwards

Other Maps

RHS/20/1/3     5 street maps

RHS/20/1/4     8 Maps of wider geographical area

RHS/20/2/1     10 Estate plans, showing extent of local                      estates.

RHS/20/2/2     16 Local government and planning, plans                      produced for development or environmental                      purposes.