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Photographic Database

Ramsbottom Heritage Society Photographic Database

Welcome to the pages of the Ramsbottom Heritage Society Photographic Database.

The database can be accessed direct from the Photograph Archive menu item or by the Search box below. Once in the archive, you can return to the main website from the 'Rhs Home Page' menu item

The society has 8500 photographs that have been converted to digital format so that they  can be viewed on this web site

The photographs include over 6000 photographs taken as part of the annual photographic competition which started in 1987

There are also nearly 1700 photographs in Bury Archives,  most of which have been scanned and are available on the website

The photographs are placed in albums, which are assigned a category. The photographs can thus be viewed by selecting a category.

The current categories are Bury Archives, Photographic Competition,  Special Collections, Miscellaneous and Pubs for the Exhibition.

Most of the photos are low quality. If a higher resolution image is required email john who will supply it as long as it is not for commercial use and Ramsbottom Heritage Society is acknowledged if it is reproduced. Please supply the filename e.g. RHSBA-1001.jpg or HPC-13TC-001. The filename can be seen by clicking the Button on the top line


How to search

Each photograph has a description, an owner and a start and end date. For the photographic competition, the start and end date are the same, as the photographs were taken in the year of the competition.

All other photographs either have a known date, or a date range, where the date of the photograph is unknown.

All photographs are therefore in one of more of  3 date bands,

0 - 1945 for photographs taken before the end of the second world war

1946 - 1985 for photographs up to before the Society started

1986 onwards for recent photographs including the competition photos

These date ranges, plus the known dates are in keywords, which can be selected from the search menu.

The description can also be searched - called ‘Title’ or ‘Caption’ in the database, e.g.  Entering ‘Bridge’ will return all photographs that have Bridge in the description

Entering ‘Bridge Street’  and Match all words (AND) will return all photographs that have Bridge AND Street in the description
Entering ‘Bridge Street’  and Match all words (OR) will return all photographs that have Bridge OR Street in the description
If the owner is known, this can also be searched for. Alternatively, once a photograph is displayed, this is an option to see all other photographs by the owner

if you have any information about the photographs, i.e. the description or date is wrong, then contact us with the details