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We have the following publications for sale that have been researched by members of the society.
Most of these publications are available in the library and all are also on sale when the Heritage Gallery is manned on the 2nd Sunday of each month from noon until 3 p.m. Alternatively please send an e-mail with your requirements, and we will reply with the cost of postage.

Around Ramsbottom

A collection of around 200  photographs taken from the Ramsbottom Heritage Society's archives. This book is a superb record of Ramsbottom during the 20th Century. This book shows the town through a century of change. Although many of the streets and buildings of the town survive intact from one hundred years ago, much else has altered. The changing patterns of employment and local industry had brought about  far-reaching changes in the way that the inhabitants live and work. The book is arranged as a tour through the district and looks at schools, churches, mills and factories, the railway and road transport, as well as street scenes and people at work and play. The sequence of the illustrations tells the history of the town of this period and includes a reference to some of the personalities that have featured in the story, from the an annual Grant family to Nuttall’s first policeman and John Bassett, Ramsbottom’s last town crier.  This book, which represents a team effort by members of the Heritage Society, many of whom have contributed their own pictures and recollections to this project will appeal to all who know or have known this historic corner of Lancashire.

Cost £12.99 plus postage

Ramsbottom’s Lost Generation - Part 1 1914 - 1915 and Part 2 1916  £10 each

Ramsbottom’s Lost Generation

Part One, 1914-15                 Part Two 1916


By Duncan Francis

Published by Ramsbottom Heritage Society

The heroic lives of ordinary men and women who went to the front in the Great War.

This meticulously researched series of books tells the story of every soldier and one Belgian born civilian woman from Ramsbottom who died in the front line during the First World War.

The detail of their lives as they grew up in this small industrial town, paints a picture of the townspeople of Ramsbottom and brings home to the reader, the impact of their loss.

Duncan tells us how he came to write these books. “My interest in the Great war began in 1990 as I sat in the garden of my parents home at Holcombe and read a book about the Gallipoli campaign; the date still sticks in my mind as it was the 75th anniversary - 25th April 1915. By chance I saw the war memorial at Holcombe Emmanuel Church and noticed the rows of names. Who was the person behind the name so neatly carved on stone, what was their story? I vowed to find out everything I could about them and the other local men who paid the supreme sacrifice. My quest for knowledge has taken me to the battlefields of France and Belgium as I followed in their footsteps, a truly humbling experience. As the centenary of the Great War approaches I am honoured that my research is being published by the Society. Part one ofRamsbottom's Lost Generation covers the events of 1914-1915. And Part 2 is 1916. Subsequent issues will recall how the town coped as its sons went off to war. This is their story and our heritage. The promise made to that generation “Their name liveth for evermore” is up to us today to observe, cherish and pass on the torch of remembrance to our future generations”.

Each book costs £10 and is available from Ramsbottom Library or the Heritage Gallery on the 2nd Sunday. 

19th Century Ramsbottom

An extract from the Reverend Hume Elliot's book, with extra illustrations, also from the book

The book is in response to many request for information on the Town's early days, when it was indeed a microcosm of the great Industrial Revolution, with it's many textile, papermaking, soap and metal works which attracted numerous workers - many from Scotland - to the busy Mills which were powered by the rushing river Irwell, and presided over by by men of calibre such as the Ashton Brothers, the Grant family and the Porritts, and by worthy men of the various church denominations.

One such was the Reverend Hulme Elliot who served at Minister at St Andrew's Presbyterian Church from 1874 to 1907. He wrote his 'Country and Church of the Cheeryble Brothers" - a reference to the Dickens novel which featured two do-gooders allegedly based upon William and Daniel Grant.

The Ramsbottom Heritage Society have chosen to re-print an extract from this deservedly famous book which is now well out of print and is virtually unobtainable at any cost. it is a fascinating account of the towns' early industrial history, and will be greatly sought after, an ideal gift for everyone with an interest in the past, whether born in Ramsbottom or a newcomer, or indeed for the many people who live away but still retain links with the town of their birth.

£4 plus postage

Nuttall Park

A booklet published by the Ramsbottom Heritage Society to celebrate 80 years since Lieutenant Colonel Porritt had donated the park to the people of Ramsbottom. This event was celebrated at an Extravaganza held on the 12th July 2008, when this booklet first went on sale

The booklet has 48 pages and 6 chapters


The Opening Ceremony at Nuttall Park 1928

A Brief History of Nuttall Hall and the Park

Lt. Col. A Porritt who gave Nuttall Park to the Town

Background of the Porritt Family and their business

Memories from Stubbins Vale Mill

The booklet is illustrated with both archive photographs and also photographs of the Park from 2008 and the Replica Nuttall Park Plaque which was unveiled at the Extravaganza

Cost £3 plus postage

Trade Directory Reprints 1818- 1888

Essential for tracing family trees.
Records the businesses and personal addresses and includes maps of Ramsbottom from the period

Rogerson 1818 - 3 pages of businesses in Tottington, Holcombe, Ramsbottom, Nuttall, Edenfield and Crawshawbooth

Pigot and Slater 1841 - 4 pages of local businesses
Heap 1850                - 13 pages of local businesses
Drake 1861            - 26 pages of businesses, private residents and places of worship
Barrett 1880            - 5 pages
Barrett 1883           - 22 pages - alphabetic list of residents and businesses
Slater 1888           -  36 pages - alphabetic list of residents and alphabetic list of                                              businesses

Cost £4

Ramsbottom War News

The Society published an annual newssheet to recall the life in Ramsbottom during WW2. It includes people’s memories and photos, and snippets from the local paper.

7 copies were publish and cost £1 each. As a special offer, all 7 can be purchased for £5

Ramsbottom War News. Issue I 1939 ‘Preparing for War’ - 12 pages of A4 paper
Ramsbottom War News Issue 2 1940 ‘The Battle for Britain Begins’. - 20 pages of A4 paper
Ramsbottom War News Issue 3 1941 ‘The Realities of War Hit Home’- 20 pages of A4 paper
Ramsbottom War News Issue 4 1942 ‘The end of the beginning’       - 20 pages of A4 paper
Ramsbottom War News Issue 5 1943 ‘The Tide Turns’                     - 20 pages of A4 paper
Ramsbottom War News Issue 6 1944 ‘D Day and Doodlebugs’          - 20 pages of A4 paper
Ramsbottom War News Issue 7 1945 ‘The End of the War’               - 20 pages of A4 paper


A video film/DVD celebrating Ramsbottom’s industrial, commercial, and domestic, past, which Ramsbottom Heritage Society was produced in 2006

The Video or DVD is now on sale,  and is based on a script produced by Society president and local historian, Andrew Todd.

The film charts the development of Ramsbottom from village to industrial town during the period from 1783 to the coming of the railway in 1846; the geographical reasons for development, with scenes of former industrial activities, and what now remains of their existence, are to be seen, together with the supporting commercial and domestic infrastructure.

Throughout the film can be seen the ghostly presences of the principal characters of the period, including the Grant brothers, William and Daniel, immortalised by Dickens as the Cheeryble Brothers.

The DVD costs £5 and we have limited availability


Other Publications

We have a small selection of other local books, both researched by members of the society, and also by other local authors

These are available at Ramsbottom Library