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Photographic Competition Results 2019

Dickensian Trophy

The winner of the Dickensian Trophy is Ian Chapman for a photograph of the Brewery taken from Bolton Street, which also won the Buildings category. This is the first time Ian has won, having entered for many years and usually submitting 50% of the photographs. There is no limit to how many photos can be entered, as the main purpose of the competition is to retain a record of Ramsbottom and surrounding area in 2019.

All the photographs are available for viewing on the photographic database, under the section Photographic Competition / 2019

There are 4 categories and the details of the type of photos in each category are on the Photographic Competition page, which is now open for entries for photos taken in 2020

The awards can be seen here by clicking on a thumbnail ofthe winning photo

Buildings have a filename such as HPC-19BU-nnnĀ  where HPC indicates Heritage Photographic Competition, 19 is 2019, BU for buildings and then a numerical number


Events and Daily Life start HPC-19EV

HPC-19EV-118 - John Leyland


Town and Country start HPC-19TC

Themes has 3 to 5 photos on a theme and have the filename HPC-19TH-xxn. where xx is the Theme number from 01 to 22 and n is from 1 to 5 within the theme, eg, the photos for theme 01 are HPC-19TH-011, HPC-19TH-012, HPC-19TH-013, HPC-19TH-014, HPC-19TH-015

HPC-19TH-203 - Joyce Sellers