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Son of Richard BARLOW, Postman,

Sketch given to Society showing end of Nuttall Lane, Nuttall Village, old spinning Moss mill goit to water wheel, water then went into River Irwell. Mill burned down 1878. Mr. Barlow’s father born 1863 remembered the fire as a lad.
Station Temperence Bar, bottom Bridge St. owned by Joe Mercer (he used to advertise on the cinema screen, herbal beer etc.) picture taken 1900 showing Joe Mercer in middle, small fat man.
Picture 1912 – group in costume, Ethel Robin at R.H. end ( wrote script & painted scenery) daughter of Robin Shop in Nuttall.
Another picture 1912? Mrs. Barlow 2nd. lady on the 2nd row back.
Very old picture St. Andrew’s Harriers.
Nathan Hall, father of Billy Hall, started Royal cinema in Rammy (now Snooker Hall)
Empire Theatre originally lit by limelight. Live turn s in between films, very popular, everyone went
First cinema in Rammy at Ballroom – Liberal Club
Picture 1948 St. Andrew’s choir & Clergy – includes Mr. Barlow and Richard Carr’s father (he was organist from 1938/39). Mr. Barlow in choir 40 years.
Travel – to Holland in 1937, stayed in holiday home at Bloomingdahl, 6 guineas per week. In 1938 to Brugge for less than £5.
To Blackpool, as a child, to a lodging house each year.
Parents went to see Giants Causeway, N. Ireland before children were born. They had 3 boys & 1 girl, she was treated like a boy.
old shops in Rammy – Wilkinson’s (where Police station is now) Tailors & Outfitters.
Chip shop – Sam Avery.
Pawnbrokers opp. Church in Bridge St.
Lotte Walsh, Bridge St., Burgess – Confectionery. Outfitters – Harry Hartley, Bridge St. China (Pot) Shop – Oldhams Walmersleys Greengrocer. Shaws – Grocers.
Melvin Crawshaw – lst. shop in Rammy to be lit by electricity 1910/1911
Electric trams, Holcombe Brook to Ed enfield (Crashaw tapped into this supply)
Hampson – Dentist.
Many pubs – Flying Dutchman where the ‘Pop Inn’ now is, Forresters Arms where Isherwoods Furniture shop now is (but a Sewing Machine shop before Isherwood had it) Railway Hotel, Station Hotel near Temerence Hotel in Bridge St. Weavers Arms in Nuttall (now pulled down)
Carr St. near to Rose & crown is house with steps, this was The Rising Sun.
Springwood St. Mill taken down 20 yrs. ago.
He started work in 1912 at Nuttall Mill (oil & tallow mill)
Dickfield – a forge and some lodges were there.
Redisher Woods – used to be a mill behind Hare & Hounds. Across the stream was a ruined mill with a water wheel.
Lower Red Lees Farm & Higher Red Lees Farm both to do with Mr. Barlow’s ancestors.
Fire at Mill (Shepherds) in Railway St.
Sq. Mill (Bleaching) had many lodges, water came from Callender St. underground to John Grays.
Weaving Mills were near river, did not need so much water. Plenty of clean water needed for bleaching operations. Pumps would work night & day.
Clogs now £30 – used to be 5/-, 6/