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T01b Summary

Side B: Florence FULLARD (nee SCHOLES)
Side/Time | Content B:00 New Section – HOSPITALS
FAIRFIELD HOSPITAL Opened in 1887 as BURY UNION WORKHOUSE Inmates numbers over 50 years grew from 258 to737 New extensions – 1862 – poor infants
1868 – insane 1876- infectious diseases 1911 – male ward

1914/8 military hospital U/E men had to work there rather than get dole money 1939/40 decontamination centre for Christie’s Hospital
1940 bomb dropped in the grounds had chimney 130feet high – demolished in 1986
BURY INFIRMARY 1915 still had chimney with imposing entrance and lodge. Chimney made of London brick was originally 101 feet – later dropped to 98 feet. Opened in 1882 by LORD DERBY
1948 expanded after NHS started 1956 new pathology lab – followed by outpatients and accident dept 1988 50 years of WRVS
FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE HOSPITAL Bury Bolton Road, Bury For patients with scarlet fever Built 1901 After ?1948 became NHS hospital
BEALEY’S HOSPITAL Radcliffe Once a private residence. Maternity hospital till 1980 Now for geriatrics
SUMMERSEAT SPECIAL SCHOOL/HOSPITAL Opened 1913 For girls from Salford with consumption. From 1955 boys also
RAMSBOTTOM COTTAGE HOSPITAL Built 1888 Accident victims/ old and infirm Various extensions/ pictures on walls etc
AITKEN SANITORIUM Holcombe Once a private house For patients with consumption Had chalets in grounds Closed in 1971
HOME FOR THE INCURABLES On Bury Ramsbottom border Built by J.ROBINSON KAY Now home for old and infirm
Footnotes ? J.TIMLIN built extensions to Fairfield and Infirmary.
Bury Lions and League of Friends helped at hospitals

New section Time will tell
This section deals with relative value for money(not transcribed in detail) and introductions of new technology every decade from 1881 to 1981
1881 electric tram cars/gas fires/Boer War/ various costs of things
1891 Cost of train from London- Manchester – 15 shillings/ etc
1901 cinema/gramophone/X-ray/safety razor/school leaving age 14/ etc.
1911 aeroplane/Rolls Royce/ earthquake in San Francisco/cigarettes 20 for 7d/ etc
1921 wireless/auto. telephone/tractor/British Legion founded/beer 6p per pint/etc
1931 high unemployment/talking pictures/zips/ penicillin/3-bed house £750/etc
1941 war/rationing/blackouts/clothing coupons/ITMA/etc
1951 Battersea Fun Fair/Festival of Britain/nationalisation of coal /school leaving
15 years/etc
1961 Beatles/North Sea Gas /M1/ supermarkets/etc
1971 first man on the moon/first heart transplant/ voting at 18 years/etc
1981 high unemployment/freezers/video/Concorde/3-bed house £25,000/etc
Side B: 31 minutes