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Photographic Competition

Annual Photographic Competition

The Ramsbottom Heritage Society organises an Annual Photographic Competition.

However because of the Covid-19 pandemic, entries this year will not be judged, but are still being accepted for our archives, as the original idea for the competition was to develop an archive of photographs taken in the year

Entries are now open for 2020 and can be submitted at any time.  The photographs must have been taken in the Ramsbottom area in 2020. See below for full details and the rules.

Entries for 2021 are also accepted, the photograph should indicate when it was taken


The winners for 2019 are now available here.


The event has been running for 34 years and nearly  5000 photos have been retained by the Society for the archives. All the photos can be viewed on the photographic database

The Photographic Competition was devised to create an archive of current day photographs which have been taken during the year of the competition. The Judge will not necessarily award the prizes to the best composed pictures, but will look for pictures which illustrate everyday life around Ramsbottom and surrounding area, i.e, Edenfield, Hawkshaw, Holcombe, Holcombe Brook, Shuttleworth, Stubbins and Summerseat.

This year, digital entries only can be accepted. This can either be emailed to  or handed in on a CD/DVD or memory stick ( contact john for details).

Each photo must have been taken in 2020  or 2021 in or around Ramsbottom and should include a description.  There are 4 categories, details of which are below, as well as the rules.

CATEGORIES - Each picture can only be entered in one of four categories


V.I.P. visits, Christmas Scenes, Railway specials, Sports Events, Church events,
special events in Nuttall Park, traffic, shops, markets, people at work and play, e.t.c.


Exterior and interior views, both of private and public buildings, especially ones which are going to change their function


Landscapes, street views, railway scenes, e.t.c.


Three to five photographs on the same theme, i.e. a building being erected or demolished, an event, a landscape taken at different times of the year or from different views, e.t.c.

There will be one overall winner of the competition who will be awarded the ‘Dickensian Trophy’ to keep for one year. There will be a prize for the winner of each category, with two Highly Commended certificates for the runners up (at the discretion of the Judge). The prizes will be presented at the March 17th 2021 monthly meeting of the Heritage Society

Rules of the Competition

1     The competition is open to both members and non-members who are amateur photographers.

2    All entries must be supplied in a digital format at least 800 by 600 pixels, the higher the quality the better

      Photographs can be supplied on CD/ memory card, e.t.c. or emailed to      info

      memory cards will be returned.

3     Photographs may be in colour or black and white, but must have been taken between January 1st 2020 and 31st December 2020 within the towns mentioned above.  

4    The Entrant must own copyright of any photograph entered, but entry to the competition gives the Ramsbottom Heritage Society permission to use the image in any format (website, print, e.t.c.)

5    The photographs will be retained in the photographic database on a public website for possible copying and display at any time.

6    There is no limit to the number of entries, but no Entrant can win more than two prizes or certificates. At the organiser’s discretion, some photos may not be sent to the judge for judging, but all photographs will be displayed on the photographic database

7    The Name and Address of the Entrant, telephone number, the approximate date the photograph was taken, the category entered, and a brief description of the photograph should be submitted either through the website or attached as a document with the photographs if supplied via CD/memory card

8      The Judge’s decision is final, and no correspondence on the matter can be allowed.

9     Submission of the photographs via the website or manually implies agreement with the rules