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We have recently moved to the village and we would like to find out more about the house we live in. 

The address is on Stubbins Lane and we have been told that our semi used to be a pub called the White Horse or White Lion.  Some of the stonework looks approximately 200 years old.  It would be nice to find out more or even see any photographs.


Stubbins Lane

Some of the houses in the Lane date back to 1842, it is possible that some of these cottages had machines (? hand looms weaver’s) in the back bedroom although steam powered loom had been installed in Ramsbottom Mill at the end of Crow Lane by 1833 (possibly 1826) 

Stubbins Lane  Dates of Build              

No.5  probably 1842    Main part of the building appears to be part of the 5-21 terrace

Front of 5 - later addition, no. 7  does not exist, presumably now  part of no

Rear 5 Stubbins Lane-            1883 999 yr GLE lease for a  plot 433 sq yds  

GLE  (info. From Grant Lawson Estate documents)             

Nos. 23-37                  date not known but similar to nos. 5 - 21

New Century Appts   2003                by memory                       

Part 73-83                   1850                GLE lease 172          to William Bramley

Part 73-83                   1847                GLE lease 173          to William Bramley

85-95                             20th Cent           

The Old College 1895                Datestone     previously RUDC   

Has anyone got more information,  please ?

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