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From  Eithne Russell



I was born in Stubbins Lane and in 1968 my family moved into what was the off-licence until it was eventually closed and converted into a house in approx 1975. It was actually four houses.   It had previous shopkeepers, but the one I remember as a child was a Mr and Mrs Race who had been there for years followed by a young couple who didn't stay long. At first my mother rented it from the Massey brewery which was later taken over by Bass Carrington brewery and was subsequently bought from them.  Number 3 was the storeroom, number 5 was the main door for the shop and number 7 was part of the shop.  At the back of the house was a two storey stone house, which can be seen from the road, in which me and my two sisters used to play and keep pets.  The downstairs of that building was partly used as a coal bunker (for the two coal fires in the main house) and storage/workshop and the upstairs was used as a play area. There was a small courtyard with outside toilet and stone steps leading up to a garden at the back and side of the house.  My parents used to grow vegetables in the side garden.  Our bedrooms were at the front (part of the extension) with a bedroom at the back.  You had to go through one of the front bedrooms to get to the bathroom at the back. When we first moved in the ground floor had original stone flags which my mother had asphalted. In the kitchen there used to be a black cast iron fireplace which was taken out and a coal fire with a boiler behind it was put in as part of the living quarters.  Eventually part of the kitchen was partitioned off to extend the shop into a self-service.  In the lounge there was a built-in wall cupboard and original beams with an original latch door leading upstairs.  At the top of the stairs you entered an open bedroom.  On the left was a latch door leading into my bedroom which also lead to the bathroom.  From the open bedroom you turned right into another bedroom at the back of the house.  Next to the shop there were three garages (which were known as number 1 Stubbins Lane), but I gather one of these was a chip shop years ago before becoming a garage.  My mum ran the shop and me and my two sisters used to take turns serving customers.

If anyone has anymore details about the off-licence, I would be grateful


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