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From  Brian Rothwell

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Richard Rothwell was the eldest son of Thomas Rothwell of Strongstry (died 1733) and inherited the Strongstry Farm. Thomas also had a son James Rothwell, who appears to be my direct ancestor, but lived at Higher Chatterton. He was born 1716, married Mary Booth of Bury at Deane Parish Church, Bolton in 1740. He died 1774 and was buried at Edenfield Parish Church. I am trying to find out how he got into possession of Higher Chatterton and more about the history of Higher Chatterton. I have investigated if it could have come into his possession through his wife, but I have not yet be able to identify exactly which Mary Booth he married. Around 1716 - 1718 there were 4 Mary Booths christened at Bury Parish Church. The most likely seem to be Mary d. of Roger Booth (bap. 26th. March 1718) or Mary d. of John Booth (bap. 18th. Oct. 1717), since they both came from Tottington, but I have not yet found out anymore about Roger or John Booth. I ma getting the last will and testament of Roger Booth of Bury, died 1737, from LRO to see if this helps. John Booth of Tottington seems to be  a common name over many generations. I have requested also from LRO the last will and testament of John Booth of Tottington died 1619. For me the key seems to be in finding out more about the history of Higher Chatterton. I would therefore appreciate any information or hints you could give on this.