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From  Nick Mansfield

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I'm currently writing a book for English Heritage on English labour
movement buildings which will include a chapter on early 19th c
radicalism. I've got a short reference in an article written by John
Belchem, who is Professor of History at Liverpool University mentioning
the above inscription on a building at 238 Bolton Rd, Ramsbottom. I
explored your fine web site but couldn't find an mention of it. Do you know if the building was erected by the Female Union Society. I'd really like to use an image of it if possible, with a bit of explanation, in the book as buildings connected to the radicalism are very rare.

There is a reference to the ‘Female Union Society’ on page 9 of the first issue of the RHS news magazine

there is also a reference on the Bury Archive catalogue with reference number RHS/13/20.  Searche for female union on