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From Geoff  Beard

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My family, the Beards, lived at Barwood Mount in Bolton Road, having moved there from Droylsden, when my Grandfather Tom Miller Beard became Manager of Ramsbottom Co-op, around 1937.

One of his sons,Tom Eric Miller BEARD married my mother Nora(h) Harrison at St.Andrew's Church.

She was born in James Place, in 1913, her parents Joseph and Hannah Humphries Harrison.

Her grandmother, Emma Longrigg, formerly Harrison, nee Smith, and husband Ernest Longrigg were also was living in James Place in 1937.

Despite wide searches, I have been unable to trace James Place in records or on maps, though it appears on Birth and Death Certificates.

As it was there in 1937, I'm hoping some-one may recall it?

From other records, it may have been in the area of Nuttall Lane, and more specifically, Winifred Street?


Tom Miller Geoffrey BEARD

my Grandmother was born at James Terrace Ramsbottom Lane.  This is still there and just after you go up Heatherside Road.  If you look on one of the houses there is a stone plaque which says “James Terrace” It could be the same place as James Place.


 Thanks to Meryl McNutt for this answer