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From Dave Walsh

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I am interested in researching the Ramsbottom Cable System for the British Vintage Wireless Society; around 1983 the Rediffusion Cable TV System was in place in Ramsbottom; believed to have been a shop providing/supporting the system in Bolton Road West; TV sets were without tuners, merely plugged into the System wall socket; there was also a Channel 4 Convertor Box; the cost of sets was c£50; any information would be welcome;

Just looked on the site and I May be have a bit of information on the subject for Dave. as I was a linesman/ariel rigger in Ramsbottom.

I worked for Rediffusion (a Rochdale based company) in 1961/3. The shop was at the opposite end of the street from "Isherwood's Furniture shop on Bolton Street" next door to the "Trustee Savings Bank" then there were four houses then Calendar St.

The Redifussion shop was originally "the Ramsbottom Relay shop" which served to pipe a few Radio stations into the homes of the people. I used to look forward each week to "Dan Dare and the Mysterons". (a long time ago),

To receive any Television signal from Winter Hill (Granada) you had to be living in the Hazlehurst Area Southwards, which was the then Channel 9 on your Tv set.
Northwards onwards you were on channel 8, which was the Litchfield (Staffordshire) Transmitter,which meant we could watch some programmes a week before Granada.

This was the reason Rediffusion took over the old "wireless relay shop" and (piped up) Ramsbottom, Many of the old cables/boxes can still be seen running from street to street in the odd place. The system gave you BBC 1, ITV , Chn 4, plus radio stations, Channels 5 and BBC 2 were not in existence at that time.

Look at today's "toy" Tv Ariel's, in the 1960,s the Ariel's could be 18ft x 14ft on a 20ft mast and that was for ITV, BBC being slightly smaller, yet in Hazlehurst a small indoor one would suffice.

Should you wish to check, a Television Ariel suddenly appeared overnight on top of the church in Bridge st, this was the work of Rams bottoms best loved comedian, who I had the privilege to work with. It certainly caused confusion in the town, but his name will remain secret.

Hope this may assist Dave