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From George Cogswell

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I am researching the House called "Watling Gate" situated at Timperley, Trafford, Greater Manchester. The house was built and owned by Charles Edward NEWTON and, although listed and owned by Trafford, is in a very sorry state. See the Blog "save the sale hotel" for more info on this house.

The reason for writing to yourselves is that CEN was a Civil Engineer and a consulting engineer who specialised in waterworks and sewerage system, etc. He was heavily involved with the town of Nelson for many years. I understand that one of Nelson's Water Engineers was a J. Arthur RODWELL, who, I believe left the employ of Nelson in May 1930 to take up a position in the Ramsbottom area.

JAR resided at the Rochdale Road, Edenfield and I have a copy of an undated letter that he wrote to CEN in which he mentions - the 1903 Act and the Board's 1928 Act, which authorises the construction of reservoirs and filtration plant and the "Edenfield Borehole". He also states that Mr. Wyllie is progressing well with the "Dearden Clough" survey. Also that Messrs. John Thorn are proceeding with the 30 inch borehole at Walmersley. He also refers to "two nurseries that "we" have established and are doing so well that "next years plantings in the catchment areas should find us with sufficient plants in hand".

CEN died in August 1937 and his house was left to the old Altrincham Corporation that in 1974, became part of Trafford MBC.

I wondered if you had come across either JAR or perhaps CEN even. It may well be that their connection was linked only to their previous time spent together at Nelson and that CEN had nothing to do with Ramsbottom, he was, after all aged: 70 by 1930.