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From Derek Lawrence

Our mother, Norman Barnett, was born Norma Squires in Heywood, and had we are sure, an aunt named Annie Taylor who owned A V Taylors Sweet shop in Ramsbottom, and this Annie Taylor had one son named Eric G Taylor.

Firstly, on looking at your site, we see that an Eric G Taylor has supplied photos for your archive photo section, and we were holding our breath that this could be the same person. If so is he still alive, and if so would he recognise the family connection listed below.

Norma Squires..Born in Heywood to an Ada Squires (nee Whittle) and a Norman Squires.

Ada was the daughter of Alfred Whittle Martha Whittle, who are buried with an Annie Taylor in Birtle Church Yard.

We believe that Eric G Taylor may be Annie Taylors son, and would make him possibly Norma's cousin.


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