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From Gemma Brown

Ii've been asked by a friend to conduct some historical research on a very specific aspect of Ramsbottom, 13 Bolton Street to be more exact. I've been asked to find out as much as possible about the property, and I’m assuming possibly what was on that land before those houses were built may also be significant.

Question  035


13 Bolton St

Bolton St

No’s 1 & 3  Built 1827

11    T K Topping butchers . built 1845 according to Tommy


13    Date not known

15   1838 date of GLE lease

   (GLE lease – 999 year lease created by, or bought by, the Grant

Lawson Estate)

It is possible 13 Bolton St was built in the early 1930s or around the same time as Toppings

The north end of Bolton St falls within an area once occupied by the Peel & Yates Print Works, the “Old Ground”,

The first two buildings to be demolished in 1814/5 were situated across what is now Bolton St between Smithy St and the Market Place. The removal of these buildings allowed this section of Bolton St. to be built. Prior to this, this section of the main road, originally a toll or turnpike road, ran approximately along Central St.

Whilst most of  The Old Ground was demolished by, 1820 two original buildings still exist, one on Silver St and the other, Scotland Place on Square St

It is not certain whether or not one of the buildings of the Old Ground was exactly where no 13 Bolton St is today.

Information from Trade Directories

1850 Ross William, Bolton street, Rams­bottom,

note - Surname, then Christian name – ie Mr. William Ross

1861   Ross William, Bolton street Booksellers, Stationers

1871  Ross. William, 13 Bolton street Booksellers, Stationers and Newsagents

1883   Ross William, bookseller and stationer, 13 Bolton street

1888 Ross William, Newsagent, 13 Bolton St, residence 37 Callender St

1913   Ross, William,  13 Bolton st., listed under booksellers and stationers

1924  Stirzaker  John,  book seller, 13 Bolton St

1955-6 Heys Frank, 13 Bolton street, newsagents; also listed under stationery

and fancy goods

If you have any other information about 13 Bolton St, we would be really grateful if you could let us have a copy to add to our records.