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From Vanessa Smith

My Gran is going to turn 100 in a few months time and  I would like to fill in a few gaps in the family history.  She was born Dorothy Pilling Gregory at 27 Dundee Lane to her parents Thomas Wilfred Gregory and Elizabeth Garnett. They resided in Ramsbottom until after her mother's death in the late 1920's when she, along with her father and brother, moved to Preston.

I have found out a little about my gran's maternal Great Great Grandfather, Christopher Garnett, from the Ramsbottom heritage book which details that he worked for the Grant family overseeing much of the building in Ramsbottom. I have few other details than that.

On her paternal and maternal sides I have found other ancestors living around Tottington back to the mid 1700's (Robert Nuttall 1793, Samuel Pilling 1757, Alice Gregory 1818) so if anyone has any other information on these families it would be lovely to add it to the tree.

Any help would be appreciated

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