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From Norman Ashworth

I am not a resident of Ramsbottom but did live in Rawtenstall up to 1973. My late father Stanley Ashworth was headmaster at Hazlehurst

School in the 60's and 70s.

Was in the area recently to see my sister and wanted to find out more about the old Helmshore road (also known as Moor rd and Stake Rd) from  Holcombe Brook and particularly the Pilgrims Cross on the top of  the moors themselves.

Just south of the Cross I was recently looking at the route between Peel Tower and Pilgrims Cross and noted an elongated circuit just before you get to the Cross and called a "breathing ground"

In the 1900 edition this was no longer listed and what was shown was a rifle range (presumably for practice whilst the Boer war was in full


I then took a look on Google Earth and the circuit was clearly visible (as a kind of elongated figure 8 - well almost!)

Can you tell me what this breathing ground was built for and by whom? I assume it was for workers at mills in the valley needing fresh air to

prevent TB but could be completely wrong?


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