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From Julie Pease

Doing genealogy for a friend. Family tradition states that Thomas Holden, Coachman for the Ramsbottom family (of Ramsbottom), and later a minister, eloped with the Ramsbottom's daughter, Elizabeth, who was disowned. They apparently eloped and moved to Scotland. They had a daughter, Elizabeth, who was born about 1821... I can't find a Ramsbottom family in Ramsbottom, and based on the dates, I don't think it was known as Ramsbottom. Anything?

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Answer  updated 20/09/08

John Ramsbottom lived with his wife and family on Holcombe top road about half a mile past the Church towards Helmshore. He had twin daughters. His wife is still in the area and the twins now married live in Bury and Oswaldtwistle. I have no early information about the family.

Answer  updated 01/09/09

I don’t know about this actual family but -

There were people called Ramsbottom here going well back into history and there is a record of a farm called Ramsbottoms- see advert below

Adverts for Sale of Properties (information from the Manchester Mercury)

1771 and again in 1773 - Sale of Ramsbottoms

a) Ramsbottoms consisting of a very good Stone House, convenient Out-building in good Repair, upwards of Twenty-six Acres of Land, of the large Measure, after eight Yards to the Perch.

So people were lliving in this area at dates mentioned. In fact Mills existed in the area from at least way back in the early 17th Century but the town took off towards the end of the 18th Century and expanded rapidly in the early part of 19th Century.

There are also recent records of people called Ramsbottom living on the other side of the river – and searches should be made in censuses for Walmersley cum Shuttleworth (particularly look at Shuttleworth and Turn) and /or Tottington Higher End (for Edenfield) or Tottington Lower End ( Ramsbottom was part of this area).

My mother Nora(h) Beard (nee Harrison 1913-1974) was a great friend of Jennie Ramsbottom, whose husband Joseph Ramsbottom (27) was sadly fatally injured in a m/cycle RTA near the Old Duke Inn in Brandlesholme Road in September 1932

Joseph Ramsbottom was a plumber and lived at 67 Victoria Street Ramsbottom, his parents Mr and Mrs Albert Ramsbottom.

He was a partner in the firm of Messrs Starkey and Ramsbottom, plumbers and decorators, of Spring Street Ramsbottom...another brother was also a partner.....this from an old newspaper cutting dated September 9 , 1932 (Bury Times?).

At the time of the accident he was living at 15, Bury New Road, and I have an Funeral Acknowledgment Notice from Jennie Ramsbottom dated September 16th 1932 from that address.


Geoff Beard

Answer  updated 27/11/10