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From Christopher Rickards

i'm looking for any information and /or photographs relating to the bombing of ramsbottom by a zeppelin on 25 September 1916.

i understand that a mineral water works on regent street was hit.

that's all i have.

my gran was jessie holding who lived in ramsbottom at the time and was scared that night.

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The attached article and photos come from  Ramsbottom Vol 2 by Ken Beetson (now out of print)

Ken Beetson who is now elderly and still lives in Ramsbottom, kindly gave me permission to copy his work to send you. He told me that the only casualty in Holcombe was a sparrow, which was later stuffed and put in a case in the school.

If you have any more information about Jessie Holding’s life in Ramsbottom I would be very interested to hear about it.

Please e-mail the Society

German Zeppelin raid on Ramsbottom

The night of September 25th 1916 was clear and bright with stars. Suddenly there was a boom, boom, boom coming gradually nearer; bright flashes turned night into day. It was a German Zeppelin carrying a deadly load of bombs. The first bomb fell near Giles Taylor's mineral water works in Regent Street, scattering broken glass, bottles and corks for forty yards around. Most of the machinery was damaged and two lorries were smashed. A timber joist was torn from the building and hurled thirty five yards, landing upright in a field. Adjoining cottages had windows broken, doors bursted and slates blown off but luckily no one was hurt.

Holcombe was the next target for the raider, six bombs being drop­ped within a radius of 500 yards. Some landed harmlessly in pasture land but one large one fell in the main road between what is now the Shoulder of Mutton car park and the single house opposite. The house suffered considerable damage but was repaired and still stands. A further bomb fell by the gable (Helmshore end) of Holcombe School, causing severe damage, also breaking the church clock and smashing windows.

The other bombs obliterated a hen run and blew over a wall. One further bomb was dropped in a field at Helmshore.

On its way back over the English Channel the Zeppelin raider was shot down and disappeared into the sea.


The photos are as follows

1)  The bombed house in Holcombe Village.

2)    Holcombe School, showing bomb damage