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Yes the Major is named after Major Grant, as is Major Street just up the road.

He lived at Spring Cottage, 132 Bolton Street  (at least between  1861- 1891 ) - just down the road from the pub and worked as a land agent for the Grants from an office  (Rose Hill) across from the pub.

He was the guiding light of the Volunteers (rather like the T.A . now) who had their armoury at 142 Bolton Street.  In fact the row of terraces from 142 up to the pub was known as Band row - referring to the army band.

I do have a photo of the man .If you like to see what he looks like I'll email it to you.

I am still finding out more about Major Grant and we will probably do an article for the Ramsbottom Heritage Society magazine later this year.

Please can you tell me how the Major Pub got its name?



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