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You have a query about Marion Bennett from Bethan Miller posted 23 March

2007.  It MAY be my cousin. Her mother - Emily Bennett is the name of my

aunt, sister of Irving Crawshaw and daughter of George and Mary Ellen

Crawshaw who lived at 88 Dundee Lane (now demolished).  I can picture the

house the Bennett's lived in but can't remember the name of the street.  I

know very little about them as there was little contact that I can

remember - why, I don't know.

Further to my previous email - Emily, John Bennett and Marion lived in Stanley Street on the corner with Garnett Street.  We lived at 24 Bolton Road West;  Grandma and Grandpa Crawshaw lived at 88 Dundee Lane.  My maiden name is Crawshaw and the details are on the 1901 census.  The family was: Florence, Irving, Melvin and Emily. Florence (married to Arthur Rushton) had a daughter Doris; Irving m Sarah Booth, had John Kenneth and Gene;  Melvin m Margaret, had Alec and Roger and Emily had Marion.

Hope this helps.

Hello:   We are coming to England and Wales to visit and would like to find out any information about our mother, Marion Bennett, who was born in Ramsbottom on December 7, 1920 and who lived there with her father John Bennett and mother (I think Emily Bennett) until she was in her 20’s.   She became a teacher and married a Welsh headmaster called Thomas Isfryn Davies around 1946 and they taught at a boarding school in Shrewsbury.   They then immigrated to Canada in 1956 with their five children.  Marion returned when her mother died (in the early 1960’s) and brought her father, John Bennett back to Canada.   Any information on the address where they lived or gravesites etc. would be greatly appreciated as we are travelling to Ramsbottom in August 2007. 



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