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From Liz and John Kirkman

We were in Ramsbottom in Sept. of 2005, and had a wonderful time walking around the town. We went to the Library and met Susan and Elizabeth, who were a great help to us. We would like to look up information on any Kirkmans who lived in Ramsbottom/Tottington area in the 1800s or if there are any Kirkmans left in Ramsbottom. Our "William Kirkman" (who was about 20 yrs old) took a boat from England in 1850 to America, and left behind his mother and father( James), and 2-3 brothers, James, John, possibly Thomas. James lived at 6 Rose Hill Cottages, and we talked to the people who still live in the cottage. William married Isabell Potts In San Francisco and they lived in Walla, Walla , Washington and had 10 children. Only 4 children survived to adulthood, and  that made our 3 Branches of Kirkmans (one daughter never married). William came back to England in 1892 (with his wife and son and daughter) to visit his family and his son wrote a diary for a time (they visited his father, and other relatives then). William died on the train in America on his way home  to Washington State. If you have any information on Kirkmans, drop us a line via the Ramsbottom Heritage Society

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