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From Pauline Shaw

I realise you're probably not able to help with Family Tree research, but maybe you can point me in the right direction out of a foggy field - just beginning my Family Tree research with very little to go on and hardly any family left alive, but I know from her birth certificate that my mother was born in 1908 at 3 Springwood Street, Ramsbottom (I believe the Old Mill site now), and dad was born in 1906 at 16 Starling Street, Ramsbottom, and was brought up among a large family of children in the Nuttall (Nutter, as he called it) area, possibly Nuttall Lane - any ideas where to go for records of how long their parents lived there and any siblings who also might have lived there at the same time?

Long shot, I know, but it's worth an email to ask you, and thanks for your time in reading this. I was born at Fairfield, brought up and lived in Ramsbottom, in Cemetery Road, up to being 22, and now live in Bolton. Would love to know more of my grandparents, who I never knew, and unfortunately know nothing except their names and granddads' occupations at the time of my parents' births (to pass on to nephews/nieces in Australia). Too little knowledge, too late, I'm afraid, but I feel I have to start somewhere.

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