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The book is in response to many request for information on the Town's early days, when it was indeed a microcosm of the great Industrial Revolution, with it's many textile, papermaking, soap and metal works which attracted numerous workers - many from Scotland - to the busy Mills which were powered by the rushing river Irwell, and presided over by by men of calibre such as the Ashton Brothers, the Grant family and the Porritts, and by worthy men of the various church denominations.

One such was the Reverend Hulme Elliot who served at Minister at St Andrew's Presbyterian Church from 1874 to 1907. He wrote his 'Country and Church of the Cheeryble Brothers" - a reference to the Dickens novel which featured two do-gooders allegedly based upon William and Daniel Grant.

The Ramsbottom Heritage Society have chosen to re-print an extract from this deservedly famous book which is now well out of print and is virtually unobtainable at any cost. it is a fascinating account of the towns' early industrial history, and will be greatly sought after, an ideal gift for everyone with an interest in the past, whether born in Ramsbottom or a newcomer, or indeed for the many people who live away but still retain links with the town of their birth.

Ramsbottom War News

The Society published an annual newssheet to recall the life in Ramsbottom during WW2. It includes people’s memories and photos, and snippets from the local paper.

7 copies were publish and cost £1 each. As a special offer, all 7 can be purchased for £5

Ramsbottom War News.  Issue I  1939  ‘Preparing for War’                  - 12 pages of A4 paper

Ramsbottom War News   Issue 2  1940  ‘The Battle for Britain Begins’.  - 20 pages of A4 paper

Ramsbottom War News   Issue 3  1941  ‘The Realities of War Hit Home’- 20 pages of A4 paper

Ramsbottom War News   Issue 4  1942  ‘The end of the beginning’       - 20 pages of A4 paper

Ramsbottom War News   Issue 5  1943  ‘The Tide Turns’                     - 20 pages of A4 paper

Ramsbottom War News   Issue 6  1944  ‘D Day and Doodlebugs’          - 20 pages of A4 paper

Ramsbottom War News   Issue 7  1945  ‘The End of the War’               - 20 pages of A4 paper


We have the following publications for sale that have been researched by members of the society.

Most of these publications are available in the library and all are also on sale when the Heritage Gallery is manned on the 2nd Sunday of each month from noon until 3 p.m. Alternatively please send an e-mail with your requirements, and we will reply with the cost of postage.





A full colour booklet published in 2000

£1  - free with any other book


100 years of photographs with an excellent text.

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Trade Directory Reprints 1818 - 1888

See description below


19th Century Ramsbottom


Prices correct as at August 2017

Published in 2008 to celebrate 80 years of Nuttall Park

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Nuttall Park and the Porritt Legacy to Ramsbottom


See description below

Ramsbottom’s Lost Generation - Part 2 1916

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Ramsbottom’s Lost Generation -  Part 1 1914-15


Ramsbottom War News

1939 - 1945 ( 7 issues)

See description below

£1  - per issue

£5  - all 7 issues

we have back copies of  issues 26 to 52 of the  Ramsbottom Heritage Society Magazines which are produced twice a year and are free to members. Please email for the latest prices. Digital copies of issues 1 to 25 are available here

A CD  is available for £5.99 plus £1 postage and a DVD for £9.99 plus £1 postage

Singing for Ramsbottom was presented by the Friends of Ramsbottom Civic Hall and recorded at the venue on October 24th 2009 by Barry Aldous, who also produced the CD and DVD. It illustrates, through historical songs and story, the experiences of northern folk during and following the industrial revolution. The music is by Mark Dowding and Chris Harvey and Jonathan Ali is the narrator.

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Trade Directory Reprints  1818 - 1888

Essential for tracing family trees.

Records the businesses and personal addresses and includes maps of Ramsbottom from the period

Rogerson 1818 - 3 pages of businesses in Tottington, Holcombe, Ramsbottom, Nuttall, Edenfield and Crawshawbooth

Pigot and Slater 1841 - 4 pages of local businesses

Heap 1850                - 13 pages of local businesses

Drake 1861            - 26 pages of businesses, private residents and places of worship

Barrett 1880            - 5 pages

Barrett 1883           - 22 pages - alphabetic list of residents and businesses

Slater 1888           -  36 pages - alphabetic list of residents and alphabetic list of                                              businesses