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Thomas Wightman

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Duration 26 minutes 06 seconds recorded on the 1st June 2001

1955 Started working at Porritt's. Early retirement 1977.

About 700 employees

Cotton side

Woollen side:

Different departments; warehouse, blending, felting, maintenance, main office, devilling hole, card rooms, weaving, spinning, washing & stretching,

 drying, finishing, winding

Mules & old carding engines in 1955, line shafts

1957-5 New machines - independent motor drives

woollen bales - sorting

Synthetic fibres - staple

Change from wool to synthetic

Carding & scribbling

New carding engines & ring frames

Harold Robinson - manager

William Goodwin - supervisor


weaving looms' widths, Lancashire loom

Felts - paper making trade

Filter cloths - printing trade

Processing felts: joining (endless), drying, stretching

Cotton felts, & later, wires(synthetic) for paper trade

150 year Anniversary formation of company.. -.presentation blankets to workers

Employees - maintenance 24hr

  lots of job changing


 female workers} skill


Coach transport

Decline of trade

Carpet yarns

c 1975 Factory unsafe for heavy new machines

Carding engines & ring frames moved to Bury

Transportation of goods

Carriers - I .C.I.

Water supply - moors, reservoir

Col. Porritt, Lieut. Porritt - Territorials

Harold ? (stayed with Lieut. Porritt after he was shot in France)

Workers' profitable sidelines at factory - washing overalls, hairdressing, thieving

Dispatch department

Line shafts, ring frame & carding engine motors

Moving machinery