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Thomas Wightman

T16 Thomas Wightman.mp3

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Duration 90 minutes 19 seconds recorded on the 8th September 1997

Thomas talks about  ( approximates times when the topic starts)

                Moving from Kent to Lancashire

3 minutes  Rowland Methodist School, Summerseat - 1919/20

9 minutes  Ocean Chemical Co. Ltd. First Job paying 17/6 a week

19             Joined the Army for 6 years

25             Back to work in Ramsbottom - describes the houses he lived in

28             Ocean Chemical Co. Ltd.  - Names of Directors and description of                 various processes

43             Driving wagons

44             3 brothers, 1 sister

45 minutes Eldest Brother, Harold - from a ‘Two Bob a day Private’ to a Major

48             Cottage in Sumerseat - Children’s games

51             Christmas

53             Pace Egging before Easter including song

56             Holcombe Hill - Good Friday, Whit Walks with Primitive Methodists

61             Social Live at the Primitive Methodists

66            Mr Pearson Headmaster - Motor Cars

68                Review of places of employment

                 1929 - 1952 Ocean Chemical Co Ltd

                  6 months Kirklees, Tottington

                  3 and an half years - Ramsbottom Paper Mill

                   22 years Porritts

76            Courtship and Marriage

78            Driving and Travelling

80            A good night out - Cinemas in Bury, Bolton Grand Theatre

84            Setting up home near Hark to Towler on Walmersley Road

86            Knocking up neighbours