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The monthly meetings for  2018 are listed on the Monthly Meetings page  

The Questions and Answers page is updated when a new question or answer is received, as  we continue to  receive several requests for information about properties in Ramsbottom or people who used to live here. Check out this section often to see if you can help answer any of the queries

Ramsbottom Heritage Gallery

(Side entrance of Ramsbottom Library, Carr St)

Open the 2nd Sunday of each month   12 noon – 3pm   -

exhibition also available when the Library is open, but no members will be in attendance.

Local History books and magazines are on sale on the 2nd Sunday, and some are also available when the Library is open on the ground floor

Duncan Francis has written book two for the Ramsbottom Heritage Society entitled “Ramsbottom’s Lost Generation 1914 - 1918” which is a record of the town’s involvement in the Great War.

It is 90 A4 pages and details the history of those from Ramsbottom who died in 1916

Part 1 - 1914 - 1915 is also available

Each book costs £10 and is available from the Heritage Gallery on the 2nd Sunday or direct from Duncan. Please email the Heritage Society, and we will contact Duncan on your behalf  

See the publications page for details and extracts from each book

Latest News

Entries are open for the 2018 Photographic Competition. Entries must be of photographs taken in 2018 within Ramsbottom and surrounding area

The Ramsbottom Heritage Society’s latest exhibititon is now showing the dangers of working in local mills. See the Heritage Gallery page for further details. This will close in June 2018 to be replaced by a new exhibition on the History of Pubs in Ramsbottom. We would be interested in any old photographs that you have showing pubs. Contact john

Living memories of Nuttall Village

This village played an important role in the history of the Ramsbottom area and we want to record the last days of its existence. We are therefore collecting information on the life in Nuttall Village between the 1930s-1960s.

If you have any memories that could help us we would be pleased to hear from you.

Please contact Brenda Richards of Ramsbottom Heritage Society - Tel No. 01706829819 or Email john who will pass the message on