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Meetings are held at Ramsbottom Civic Hall on the third Wednesday of each month starting at 7.30 pm apart from July and August, which are outdoor events, and December’s Social evening held on the 2nd Wednesday.

There is a guest speaker and non-members are very welcome. 
There is a charge of £2 for visitors and £1.50 for members, which includes refreshments.

The normal format is the Chair welcomes the meeting with any news and outstanding business. There is then a refreshment break, followed by the main speaker. The meeting usually finishes between 9 p.m. and 9.30 pm.

Note that we now meet in the Holcombe Room, and there may be dancing in the main room. Entry is through the main room by the stage


Wednesday September 20th

Steven Halliwell - "Moses Holden 1777 - 1864: Self-educated Genius "

Moses Holden was a Self-educated mathematician, Astronomer, telescope constructor, lens grinder, Evangelical Methodist preacher, Freeman of Preston, and much more


Wednesday October 18th

Kate Slingsby - Ramsbottom Market Place : Illustrated talk .   Since Rev Hume Elliot’s description of 1893, Ramsbottom Market Place has changed its road layout and the purpose of the Grants home, local newspaper and water board offices, boarding school and many other buildings.  

Wednesday November 15th

 David Joy : 'Liverpool Cow keepers - A Family History', tells the story of the Pennine Dales farmers who, in the mid-1800s, rode the wave of the Industrial Revolution and relocated to Liverpool to keep cows in their backyards to sell fresh milk to the city's growing population until 1960s.

Wednesday December 13th

Christmas  Meeting  (Quizzes, raffle,  seasonal food and general get together) – ticket only  

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