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The Ramsbottom Heritage Society normally publishes 2 magazines a year, which are free to all members. The first 25 magazines have been converted to pdf files and can be viewed for free. As these have been scanned in from the original documents, the content may not be 100% accurate, but hopefully this will be improved with time. If anyone would like to help in proof-reading the magazines, please contact us.

There is also an index of the 25 magazines



Pdf file


References and the magazine number and page

RHS magazine_index.pdf

11 - Summer 1995

RHS Magazine -11 -Summer 1995.pdf

12 - Winter 1995 / 96

RHS Magazine -12-Winter 1995.pdf

13 - Summer 1996


14 - Spring 1997

RHS Magazine -14 -Spring 1997.pdf

15 - Autumn 97

RHS Magazine -15 -Autumn 1997.pdf