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Ramsbottom’s Lost Generation

Part One, 1914-15

Part Two, 1916

By Duncan Francis

Published by Ramsbottom heritage Society

The heroic lives of ordinary men and women who went to the front in the Great War.

This meticulously researched series of books tells the story of every soldier and one Belgian born civilian woman from Ramsbottom who died in the front line during the First World War.

The detail of their lives as they grew up in this small industrial town, paints a picture of the townspeople of Ramsbottom and brings home to the reader, the impact of their loss.

Duncan tells us how he came to write these books. “My interest in the Great war began in 1990 as I sat in the garden of my parents home at Holcombe and read a book about the Gallipoli campaign; the date still sticks in my mind as it was the 75th anniversary - 25th April 1915. By chance I saw the war memorial at Holcombe Emmanuel Church and noticed the rows of names. Who was the person behind the name so neatly carved on stone, what was their story? I vowed to find out everything I could about them and the other local men who paid the supreme sacrifice. My quest for knowledge has taken me to the battlefields of France and Belgium as I followed in their footsteps, a truly humbling experience. As the centenary of the Great War approaches I am honoured that my research is being published by the Society. Part one of Ramsbottom's Lost Generation covers the events of 1914-1915. And Part 2 is 1916. Subsequent issues will recall how the town coped as its sons went off to war. This is their story and our heritage. The promise made to that generation “Their name liveth for evermore” is up to us today to observe, cherish and pass on the torch of remembrance to our future generations”.

Each book costs £10 and is available from Ramsbottom Library or the Heritage Gallery on the 2nd Sunday or direct from Duncan. Please contact the Heritage Society, and we will contact Duncan on your behalf  

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